Welcome to our first Q&A video! We will be replying to your questions about topics such as having children, traveling and working, about the challenges of having a polyamorous relationship, living a digital nomad life, and much more. We hope you enjoy!


00:32 How do you come up with great questions for someone?

01:18 Do you ever lie to people? If so, what makes you do that?

02:55 You talk a lot about making every relationship or interaction with another human meaningful. But what do you do if you are in a situation when you need to interact with someone who is not interested in “authentic relating” at all?

04:08 What movie(s) would you recommend for a couple?

05:04 Don’t you feel the need to have a place of your own which you can call “our home”?

06:21 How can you find a way to enjoy a place you’re traveling through like a local?

08:06 How would you comment on the following statement: The emotional stability of a couple depends on their geographic and economic stability.

08:40 I would like to know if and how you protect your electronics (namely laptops) from the hypothetical hazards of traveling (bumpy transportation, humid climate, etc.).

09:31 How do you track that polyamory is really helping you to be better together and not simply allowing you to hide from the issues you’re facing as a monogamous couple?

10:16 Do you think the dynamics you propose for a couple would change after a child is born?

11:22 How to overcome addiction to someone else?

13:21 How do you deal with individual frustrations once living/working/traveling together?

14:46 Silvia and Michał, what is the unique feature you cherish the most in each other?

16:37 Have you experienced the issue of automatically comparing yourselves to others in your mind? What would be your advice to get out of the loop of comparison and not let it influence your relationships?

19:07 How deep is your love?