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Accountability for content

We create our content with much love and care. Nonetheless it is simply our opinion based on what works for us and what does not. We are not psychologists, psychotherapists, nor do we have any coaching or other health related official qualifications.

You are responsible for your own decisions and for any consequences of whatever use you make of the information contained in this website.


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All the content on this website is uncopyrighted.

This means that you can use it, change it and share it as you please, without the need for permission or attribution. It is yours as much as it is ours.

Why would we want to put our content in the public domain, you ask?

Well, there are a few reasons.

We believe collaboration is of higher importance than competitiveness. Actually, we think competitiveness has no value whatsoever, because it depends on the premise that some people/things/entities are better than others, instead of reinforcing the idea of all existence as a unified field.

By releasing copyrights to all the contents on this website, we are encouraging collaboration. We are encouraging you to read through the content, grab your favourite texts and make whatever you want out of them. Change them around, make them better, build new incredible content that can help others and bring more love to the world.

This is also a juicy personal challenge for us. In conversation about this topic, we realised that we often unconsciously try to meet our need for recognition and validation by holding on to the tasty sense of ownership in various fields of life. We want to change this. We want to rewire our brains to think in a language of openness and shared knowledge, not only because we deeply believe this is humanity’s natural (although long forgotten) state of being, but also because we know that the only authentic way to meet our need for recognition is to get it from within ourselves.

Our content found on other websites is still copyrighted. This means that if you find any of our names on a blog post, eBook or video around the web, this uncopyright does not apply. We will be guest posting for other blogs and publishing in different platforms, and we want to respect their right to maintain copyright if they wish to do so.

Despite our content being uncopyrighted, we just want to add that our products are our main source of income, and therefore we would be really grateful if you could pay for them when you get them (some of them are even donation based, so you can get them for free or name your own price).

We want to keep Honeyboom.xyz free of advertising, and we want to keep developing great products that bring value to your life, and it is your support which allows us to do that everyday.



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